“As an independent artist and my devotion is to lead the change of making peace with our whole being. I devoted my very first album to this cause: my songs taught me that I need to stop running away from my demons and befriend my darker side – a side that’s present in all of us. I created a world where I get to face my full scope of emotions and I would like to bring this world to you as well.”

Amsterdam-based dark-indie artist Borka Balogh has been mesmerizing audiences with her dark and haunting music inspired by her Hungarian roots.

After noticing the thriving indie music scene in Western Europe, Borka decided to jetset to the Netherlands to be closer to a past relationship, not knowing that it would spark a life changing turning point in her music career. Once the relationship ended, the indie singer-songwriter used her heartbreak to unleash emotions and embrace a darker side to her. Once she settled in the new city, Borka found her bandmates – Remy de Kok (guitar), Marieke Berkvens (keys), Yaresh Soekhlal (bass) and Guus Veldman (drums) – and began focusing more on her music.

The indie singer has taken cues from some of her music inspirations including Janis Joplin (who inspired her to start writing her own music) along with Björk, Patti Smith, Agnes Obel and Aurora. These powerful and eclectic female musicians have not only inspired the type of music she creates, but they have also encouraged her to be different.

Through her music, Borka uses strong symbolism in her lyrics that helps fully express her emotions and convey her life story, so that audiences can relate to it. Haunting and dramatic, yet inspirational and oddly luminous, her music continuously illustrates an internal struggle between her light and dark side, and reveals a vulnerability that she has never shown before. Drawing back to her Hungarian roots, specifically Hungarian folk music, Borka finds herself searching and going back to where she came from. The music she grew up with has become embedded into her art, and has heavily influenced the music she writes today.

Borka’s eponymous debut record hit music platforms on the 20th of September 2019. This album continues to showcase the musician’s diversity and reveal the various emotions she’s been dealing with for the past couple of years.

Written by Bojana Duric